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it's so cold in this country

This Monday is frozen, this whole week stilled by cold. The ground is dull and hard. Every heel strike my boots make sounds hollow; the rubber is too cold to yield against the pavement. Instead, the impact shivers up the back of my legs, stopping just short of my spine.

Inside, it's no better. Part of me is always cold, no matter how well-wrapped I look. Winter sneaks in at the walls and creeps along the floor, invading the spaces I've tried to warm. I can't keep it back. It's futile, I know. It's like watching the condensation build up and flow down my windows, an inevitable progression from steam to droplets that swell until they can no longer cling to the glass, but must plunge headlong to the sill, catching others, building speed as they go. It almost looks like spring, but for the buildup of ice at the edge of the pane. And the water heads straight for it, no clue it's about to chill, to slow, to stretch for one last inch before it's caught, frozen in place. Waiting, like the rest of us, for thaw.

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