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2011: lessons learned

1. If you must run along the river at sunset, breathe through your nose or prepare to eat bugs.
2. Thermal underwear beneath yoga pants may not be my slimmest look.
2a. But the dudes at the Boston Pizza in Prince Albert will still dig it.
3. My brothers make good roommates.
4. If he's going to be mean, ask him to leave (and it's okay not to be friends, too).
5. I can fix a toilet (step one: incessant complaining).
6. Summer borscht is nature's perfect comfort food.
7. There are some things I just don't care about.
8. Colleagues who make you laugh until you cry: a more valuable benefit than health and dental coverage (and less taxable!).
9. Never take advice on how to be happy from someone who's sadder than you.
10. JT and Katie V are right about pretty much everything.
11. 24 is too young for me.
11a. Even if he's cute.
12. I will never stop missing (or talking about) Saskatchewan and I will never apologize for it.
13. Everything in Turkey is delicious, so don't try not to eat it.
13a. This also applies to wine.
14. Magazine subscriptions are wasted on me.
15. If something isn't making me happy, I should stop doing it.

Happy New Year, internet! Hope it treated you well.


Love this! And amen for hilarius coworkers.
Hey, thanks! Right back at you.

Good coworkers make the world go 'round. And sometimes they bring you treats, too. One time they gave me seven cans of Coke Zero. I nearly retired, 'cause nothing will ever top that.


Very very good list!